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Airbrush Shirt Photo Gallery | Custom Airbrushed T-Shirts

All shirts below are airbrushed, but to purchase a high quality Heat Transfer version of any shirt for only $30, click here. Heat Transfer shirts will feature the same designs you see below, write down the name or item number of the shirt you want before clicking.


See something you like? Not all shirts on this page are for sale, call (347) 451-2325 or email info@airmagination.com for a possible quote on the custom airbrushed shirts below, or follow the instructions above to purchase a heat transfer version of our shirts.


Notorious BIG blunt

Notorious B.I.G

Item #G1

scarface tony montana airbrush t shirt graphic

Scarface Shirt

Tony Montana

Item #G2

big punisher

Big Pun

Item #G3

Airbrush Instructions on DVD


Hip Hop Airbrushing 101

on DVD

notorious B.I.G. eyes

Biggie Smalls

Item #G4

tupac amaru shakur

Tupac Shakur

Item #G5

Biggie Smalls Cigar Smoke

Biggie Cigar

Item #G6

Jack Nicholson


DVD - Airbrush Realistic Portraits

Pun shining star

Pun Shining Star

Big Pun fangs

Big Pun Fangs

Jack Nicholson

Sonic vs Shadow

Sonic vs Shadow


Joker Auto Mural

clown helmet

Clown Helmet

Guns and Roses

Guns & Roses

Sonic vs Shadow

Sonic & Shadow


Marlon Brando

The Godfather Item #G8

bob marley airbrush shirt graphic

Bob Marley

Item #G9

Big Pun piece

Big Punisher

Item #G10


Thug Bob Shirt

Item #G11

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar

Item #G64

Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Item #G65

Biggie Shades

Biggie Shades

Item #G66


Jesus Christ

Item #G67


Incredible Hulk

Item #G68

Incredible Hulk

Hulk Grimace

Item #G69

spider man

Spider Man

Item #G70

American Eagle

American Eagle

Item #G71





notorious big crown

Biggie Crown


Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Item #G72

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Item #G73

gears of war

Gears of War/Halo

Xbox Controllers

call of duty

Call of Duty

Xbox 360 Case

Arm and Hammer outfit

Arm & Hammer

Baking Soda

marlon brando godfather


Item #G12

incredible hulk

Incredible Hulk

Item #G13

graffiti shirt

Custom Graffiti

China Doll

Custom Lettering


Tigger Shirt

Item #G14

el cantante

Hector Lavoe

Item #G74



Airbrushing Vol III

Airbrush Portrait Lessons on DVD

2pac bandana shirt graphic

2pac Shirt

Item #G15

Vivo Mural


Air Pun

Air Pun

soulja slim

Soulja Slim

Item #G16

Michael Myers pants

Michael Myers

Halloween Jeans

Michael Myers shirt

Michael Myers

Halloween Top

Michael Myers hat

Michael Myers

Halloween Hat

Beanie Baby Jacket

Pablo Jacket

muscle shirt

Muscle Shirt

Item #G17

bob marley jacket picture

Bob Marley Jacket


Flex Shirt

Item #G18

Bobbito basketball

Streetball Shirt

Item #G19

Big Pun Puerto Rican flag

Pun Boricua

Item #G20

Big Pun Fahevah

Pun Gray & White

Item #G21

big pun endangered species cd cover

Endangered Species

Item #G22

Big Pun goggles

Red Goggles

Item #G23

Big Pun medallion

Pun Medallion

Item #G24


big pun yankee stadium

Yankee Stadium

Item #G25


Big Pun hand painted

Pun Painted

Item #G26

Big Pun painted shirt

Pun Scarface

Item #G27

Soulja Slim RIP

Soulja Slim

Item #G28

Big Pun jacket

Pun Hoody

2pink Shakur

2pac Panther Shirt

Item #G29

jesus passion of christ

Passion of Christ

Item #G30

VMA Concert

Official VMA shirt

Music Awards

al capone bat shirt

Al Capone Bat

pink panther as slick rick

Slick Rick Panther

Item #G31

pink panther as bob marley

Bob Marley Pink Panther

Item #G32

zio lion reggae

Zion Lion Shirt

Item #G33

transformers megatron



Item #G34

optimus prime


Optimus Prime

Item #G35

tito puente

Tito Puente RIP

Item #G36

Custom Timberlands

Custom Timberlands

2pac shoes image

2pac Timberlands

airbrush shoes

Pun Timberlands

Biggie Tims

gangster winnie the pooh

Mobster Pooh

Item #G37

Sesame Street Babies

Sesame Street Babies

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit

Item #G38

Babs Bunny

Babs Bunny

Item #G39



Item #G40

spider man

Spider Man

Item #G41


Item #G42

chronic thc super kind buds

Chronic THC

Item #G43

airbrush sweatpants

Custom Sweatpants

Asian girl

Custom Portrait


Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin

Item #G44


Pikachu Pokemon

Item #G45

Carlito's Way

Carlito's Way

Item #G46

baby minnie mouse

Minnie Mouse Item #G47


Taz Looney Toons

Item #G48

pink hat

Custom Hat

tickle me elmo

Tickle Me Elmo

Item #G49

Skull and sicles

Skull Sicle

Item #G50

busta ryhmez

Busta Rhymez

Item #G51

the crow brandon lee

The Crow Shirt

Item #G52

lilo and stitch

Lilo and Stitch

Item #G53

painted faces

Custom Portrait

roots kunta kinte

Kunta Kinte Roots

Item #G54



Item #G55

Betty Boop Boricua

Betty Boop Boricua

Item #G56

lion and white tiger

Tiger Love

Item #G57

graffiti letters

Custom Graffiti

painted mural

Wall Murals

photo airbrush

Custom Portraits

Butta Rican

Butta Rican

Item #G58

flaming skull

Skull Flames

Item #G60

city skyline

NYC Skyline

Item #G61

tweety bird

Tweety Bird

Item #G62

puerto rico airbrush

Boricua Outfit


Living It Up

Item #G63

custom shoes

Custom Shoes

Coney Island

Coney Island

prom dress

Custom Prom Dress Artwork


Custom Product Payment Key



use only when instructed

Custom Product Payment Key



use only when instructed

Custom Product Payment Key



use only when instructed

Custom Product Payment Key



use only when instructed


Because each product is a custom work of art, we do not offer refunds.  For noticeable physical defects in a product, we can offer an exchange of that same product & design.  Prices are subject to change without prior notice.  We are not responsible for typographical errors in product descriptions or prices that may occur on this website. 







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 Contact us if you want to know where to buy a custom airbrushed shirt online, our cheap and affordable personalized airbrush t-shirts wife beaters hoodies coats and jackets are available in sizes small medium large XL XXL 3XL 4XL 5XL and even 6XL for the big and tall.  To buy a custom shirt online, use the link above to return to the main product page for face portraits of music artists celebrities actors actresses musicians rappers entertainers and other historical figures for girls boys children men and women.  Our silk screening and silkscreen clothing airbrushing funny and vintage collectible products have alternate spellings including airbrush tee shirt arbrush shrt aibrush shitr airbresh shir airbrushd clothes arbrushed clothin for sale online with free shipping in the continental United States.